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Pendampingan Kawasan Jeruk di Sambas Kalimantan Barat

Titiek Purbiati, Arry Spriyanto, dan Zuhran


Pendampingan Kawasan Jeruk di Sambas Kalimantan Barat

Titiek Purbiati l), Arry Spriyanto 2), dan Zuhran 3)



Sambas district of West Kalimantan ls one of the main center for citrus agribusiness in lndonesia with main product Siam pontianak. Of the approximately 14,000 ha in the sub-half-breadth of Tebas. Since the year 2009 reported that the disease was endemic cvpD in Sambas area with an area of the attack about 30% of the total citrus crop there. The goat is to provide assistance citrus area and escort support technological innovation in the management and' control plants. The method is carried out interviews with farmers and farmer groups and implemented in the form of counseling, guidance technology with a meeting. ln every meeting involving 20-100 people citrus farmers. Crop management training with the Field School - (lntegrated pest Management) IPM involving 20 people orange grower. lmplementation assistance in 2010 and located in Tebas, the district of Sambas. Results assistance, 1) the knowledge of farmers increased 90% while the understanding and skills of farmers increased by approximately 70% of CVPD disease symptoms, leafhopper / vector CVPD, trapping yellow, greasing plant stems with a pulp California and farm management in general. 2) Agreement for farmers to apply the technology recommended in the garden, especially citrus and its control in the control CVPD ranging from farmers' groups as the smallest unit. 3) The occurrence of institutional strengthening of farmers to progress the development of agribusiness citrus in Sambas West Kalimantan.

Key words: Citrus, Assistance, Guidance technology, CVPD


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Pengurangan Persentase Pecah Buah Dengan Mempertahankan Kelembaban dan Hara Tanah

Arry Supriyanto, Azri, M. Zuhran, Tommy purba, dan Drdan permana


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